Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mad FORCs at Stump Farm

Great Riding had by all the
 Mad FORCs at Stump Farm.

I rolled into Reforestation Camp, full of butterflies.  I was thinking what had I gotten myself into?  In years past I've raced with the Mad FORCs 12 hour women's team, and during that time, I always thought, what's the hurry for those 3 hour solo people - I've already been out riding for hours.  The Stump Farm race put the hurry to the test.  Shannon was looking for a training race and Stump Farm was available for both of us, so between being mom's, each with 2 kids, working full-time and having active significant others - the 30 mile event was the max miles in the min time (and the temperature was supposed to break).

Our first 3-4 miles of the 1st lap was a push to not be left in the dust, manage what was ahead and get some space.  We managed to move around one lady, but then as we passed another lady (on the left), she was strong and caught us (on our right, but wait- she passed on the left?) on the up-hill.  I thought it was a little strange, that she called out "on your right" and passed on the left, but it can happen.  They managed to get in every hill SF had to offer, some sandy, some short, and sweet, always a great reward was the awesome flowy fast single track, puts a smile on my face.  I knew Shannon would blast through the single track, but we got caught behind "on your right" and passed her again.  A while later, she caught us on the double tracks and passed again "on your right, but really it was on our left"  so we knew she was strong on the double, but slower in the single track and was confused about the passing.  On the 2nd lap Shannon - took her and eventually on the 2nd I also took "on your right"  and left some dust on her left - she was strong so I knew she would always be lurking behind me.  We kept pushing - I lost Shannon during the 2nd lap.  I thought wow, this lap is hard, and I realized my seat had snuck down several inches, a quick re-adjustment, I felt like I had all of a sudden gazelle legs and the third lap was a thrill to ride with my seat in the correct position.

30 plus miles went by really fast and I enjoyed the race and think it was very funny how nervous I was.  Overall, Shannon & I each got in 30+ miles, and the 12 hour relay team (Kathy, Barb & Berlie) got in a combined 80+ miles, so Mad FORCs were able to cover 140+ miles.  (This is not including Carol's joy ride - no telling how many miles she also added!)  Great job and great fun was had by all.  

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