Friday, November 2, 2007

End of Season Party!

Last night was the rockin' Mad FORCs end of the season PARTY. It was a delightful potluck affair with plenty of Sobe for all as well as some good beer. In addition to the usual hanging out, socializing, drinking and eating we had our end of the year awards.

Award winners were:
Mad FORCs Crash of the Year - A shared honor between Barb L. and Shannon K. both for lovely dives off the obstacles that we had built out at Blackhawk. Barb took a dive off the tall bridge and Shannon went off the teeter totter.

Mad FORCs Climber of the Year - Gwenn D. for her love of climbing. She always wants to know if we're climbing ski hill 6 out at Blackhawk. Crazy girl!

Mad FORCs Most Improved - Kerry R who showed up at her first ride out at Quarry Ridge on her hybrid. Then she bought a mountain bike, came to the Dirt Retreat and raced on a team at 24-9. We can't wait to see what she accomplishes in her 2nd season of mountain biking!

Mad FORCs Racer of the Year - Deb J. who seems to be at every event possible - WORS, WEMS, 24-9, Ore to Shore. She is a racing maniac and is an inspiration for the rest of us.

Mad FORCs Spirit of the Club - Melissa S. who has put together many great club events this year (including this party). She also has been on tons of the rides, raced at 24-9 and Rock Cut, and generally has made a huge contribution to the club this year.