Friday, December 19, 2008

Sponsors are awesome.

It's not even 2009 yet and I'm already talking about 2009 sponsors . . .

Gu has come on board for 2009. Good thing because I heard a bunch of talk at the end of season party about an assault on WEMS in 2009. Plus the FORCs love 24-9 and who doesn't need some Gu then??? I've been meaning to try their Roctane so now I will (I'll feel obligated really).

Saris Cycling Group is returning as a sponsor as well. I love having local sponsors. It's cool because you know the people behind the products. Plus now they have a disc compatible power tap so fast girls (you know, like Deb) can have fun playing in the dirt and measuring their power output and geeking out over data. Fun!

Willy Bikes . . . love them. Great local shop, great people, just all around great in my opinion. What else can I say . . . . they're so awesome and they've helped me out so many times.

Horny Toad . . . because it's nice to look good too! I've got so much Horny Toad clothing that sometimes I feel like I just stepped out of the catalog. Ironically I'm wearing a sweet HT top as I write this (in a great shade of purple, of course).

Bob's Copy . . . because who doesn't need some copies from time to time. Flyers, newsletters, posters, signs. Great people. Downtown location. Brings back memories of college and picking up my course packets.

More later . . . .