Thursday, April 9, 2009

Watch Women Mnt Bike Racing!

Know how you end up on websites you weren't really meaning to visit? This morning I stumbled upon female US Cup mnt bike racer Melanie McQuaid's website, Her April 2nd entry has a video from the Fontana City, CA US Cup race.

The race starts on a nice downhill. Notice the stupe spectators at the bottom who almost get clipped. They would have deserved it too! About halfway through, they are coming off another downhill section and onto a road. Notice the black guardrail. I can't tell if it's solid or plastic, but that's a pretty scary "obstacle" to avoid coming off a downhill.

I think we so could ride that trail! I did notice much of the video showed hill climbing, and most of you know I am NOT a fan of the climb. But this year I hope to get over that. Funny thing is I love to climb on my road bike (got a new one-yay!), but not so much on the mnt bike. Maybe I need therapy to find out why.