Monday, June 25, 2007

Family Night Fun

Some riding . . .

A little more riding . . .

Some trike riding action . . .

Lily the future super star racer . . .

Dave rollerskied over to join the festivities . . .

It was good to see everyone . . . and the food was delicious!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

FORCs Family Night at Quarry Ridge MONDAY June 25

With June almost over, it is time for the FORCs Family Night. Bring along your significant others for a big “Thank You” for supporting the FORCs and introduce them to the rest of the Club. Show them why we love Off Road Cycling at our local park!

We’ll have an assortment of delicious breads there along with some tasty spreads to try out, Sobe from our sponsor, and even some PB & J for the little ones! It’s a Pot-Luck so be sure to bring an item to share with the families.

Bring out the bicycles, tricycles & the training wheels for a fun evening of riding. Cones will be set up for a fun course, some 2x4’s to test your abilities and we’ll have various people leading different rides – FUN FOR ALL starting at 6:00 p.m. !!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Deb represents at Phillips

Here's a shot of Deb on the podium at the Phillips WORS race . . . Amelia did great as well!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Poker Night

Imagine riding the trails with map in hand looking desperately for items that have been described only as reflective. That's what a few hardy Mad FORCs did on Thursday night at Poker Ride Night.

Armed only with a map showing only the wide nordic ski trails, the chalets, bathrooms and tow ropes riders headed out looking for the spots I had marked on the map. At 6 locations I placed reflective items like a mini Yield sign, a relfective pumpkin, a bat, a spider and more. For every location that they found within about 30 minutes they received one playing card. The best hand of the night won a prize (well, the two best actually).

Funny part was that our best hand was a pair of 9s from Berlie.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

WEMS - John Muir

Lots of FORCs out racing at the WEMS race at John Muir. We had Amelia rockin' the 6 hour solo. Barb and Amy A. did a 6 hour duo as did Kathy and Berlie. Shannon was doing the 6 hour duo (and baby exchange) with Dean. Melissa and I were doing the 3 hour solo. A great showing on an awesome day to be out on the bike.

Everyone looked great! It was awesome to have teammates to keep my motivation high for the whole 3 hours.

Highlights for me include - a guy riding behind me telling me how good my skills were (see I'm not a roadie), getting some desperately need swigs of coke from former FORC Sonia, the cheers when I came through the start/finish which kept me going, and the fact that I had a whole lot more fun that I ever realized that I would.

Thanks for the support, the camaraderie and the good times! Anyone take any photos??? We need some photos on the blog.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

First Blackhawk Time Trial

Wednesday was the first Blackhawk Time Trial for 2007. It wasn't the perfect night as the afternoon was rainy but 14 riders turned out to race including our own MaryAnn Knoke who was looking strong and fit.

Hopefully next week will provide a nicer night for racing as it will be the Mad FORCs sponsored Family Night with regular time trial racing, some racing for the kids and a cookout to follow. Make your plans now to attend.

A little Time Trial history - I moved to Madison in the fall of 1989 and discovered the Blackhawk Time Trials in the summer of 1990. It was being run by Erewhon back then and you had to have proof of health insurance to race. That was a problem for Dave and I so we weren't able to participate regularly. A few years later we got health insurance (and that requirement went away eventually) and the event was run by Blackhawk itself. Eventually that ended and WORBA took over. I was the vice president of WORBA back in the day and I had the pleasure of setting a lot of the courses for awhile (a bit of a challenge for someone as spatially challenged as me!). Back then mountain bike was in its hey day and attendance was capped at 60 riders and we actually got them many on a regular basis. Eventually WORBA decided they didn't want to run them and now the Chainsmokers are keeping the tradition alive. Now the racing is free but you have to be a member to race.

It's great to see this fun event continue on and I hope to see lots of you there next week!