Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chequamegon Bound!

I just looked in my checking account and saw that my check for the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival has cleared! I made it in. Now I am 4 for 4. My goal this year is to do it under 3 hours and 40 minutes. The last time I did the race I completed it in 4h 10m.



Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Unwin Chiropractic and Wellness Center

The Mad FORCs are pleased to announce our latest sponsor . . . Unwin Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Now everyone can feel comfortable riding and racing as hard as they want and then making a visit for an adjustment or massage. Heck, you could even just get a nice relaxing massage instead of waiting until your muscles are a knotted mess.

Here's what Renee has to say about this new sponsor - I've made several visits this winter for post-ski race massages and I can vouch for how awesome it is to have them on board. I don't think I would have made it through my ski season without Lee's massage work . . . especially post-Birkie (and 35k of skiing with a leg cramp).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Time to get this blog "rolling" again . . . we've had some nice spring days and people are out riding now. Feel free to post stories and photos!! To that end we've got our April/May ride schedule done and our kick off meeting planned. You can check it out on the FORCs website.

The Kick Off meeting is Tues, March 31 at the Wil-Mar Center on Jenifer Street here in Madison. Meeting at 7pm with treats provided. Our rides start in April with road and Cap City trail rides on the traditional Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Mountain bike rides are tentatively planned to start in May as usually the trails are dry by then. We'll be riding at Cam-Rock more this year due to the trail expansion there offering more riding options. Should be a fun year!!

Oh yeah, and Alison Dunlap is coming back for the Women's Dirt Retreat on June 27 and 28. Maybe we'll get dryer weather this year!!