Wednesday, May 27, 2009

12 Hours of Northern Kettles

Some pics stolen from Brittany from the 2nd WEMS race, 12 Hours of Northern Kettles. Kathy, Berlie and Barb did a 12-Hour Women's team and Amelia rocked the 3-hour solo. Nice job gals!




Monday, May 4, 2009

Middle School Ride

Last Thursday Deb, Melissa and Renee had the opportunity to go with kids from Spring Harbor Middle School on a bike ride. Originally the plan was to go mountain biking at the Kettles but the weather did not cooperate and the trails were closed that day. However, since the kids were anxious to ride and they had brought bikes to school Jen, their teacher, came up with a new plan. In stead we all rode from their school around the Capitol City Trail loop for a total distance of 20 miles.

It was quite a site - 22 middle school kids and 5 adults - making their way through town and around the trail. For most of the kids 20 miles of riding was a huge deal and at times I think all the adults had doubts if everyone would make it. However, we successfully got all the kids around the loop and back to school at the appointed time and with the only injury being some skinned knees.

Let's hope we can get them out mountain biking in the future!