Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring training

The time has come for me to start my spring training. With my work schedule and vehicle availability, I don't always make it out to the trails during the work week. And sometimes (like today) it's just a bit too rainy for good trail conditions. At the end of last year I made a resolution to do some urban skills practice once a week to stay sharp on the bike.

I will use Brian Lopes' and Lee McCormack's book Mastering Mountain Bike Skills as my guide. The first thing on my plate is to work on my timing for going over logs and other obstacles. Right now I seem to rely more on a suspension fork and luck, which is not a good long term solution!

Previously I used this book's breakdown of techniques to work on pulling more energy out of a turn. This week I will start with the chapter on wheelies and hopping. I'll be the person on the east side hopping over parking blocks and practicing wheelies in the schoolyard!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring . . . or summer is here

Yesterday I was super excited to think that the trails at Cam-Rock had opened for the season which has to be some sort of record. It is March, right?!?! Then in the middle of the night I woke up to hear rain and I was sad to think that their would be no mountain biking this weekend. However being a cross country skier I have become quite accustomed to the weather disappointing me. Still it is March and the transition from winter skiing to summer riding temps took about one day.  It's been hard to get my mind around biking and in shorts and short sleeves no less.

Anyway, given the overnight rain I decided to get out on the road bike instead. Being ever sensible I reflected on the riding I have done so far this season. A 28 mile ride to Paoli and at least two bike path rides of 15 miles or so. Clearly it was time to step it up so I decided a ride to Belleville was in order. Never mind that the route has hills, it would be windy and it was hot which is basically all the things I don't like. Oh yeah and the ride would be 50 miles.

 So how did it go? Surprisingly well actually . . . by which I mean I didn't cry, lie down in the road and refuse to continue on or call a cab. Confession time though - Dave went with me and I drafted a lot. As in I took like 3 pulls into the wind. I figured he was in better shape since he has ridden to Paoli twice already this year.

I realized on the way home that this crazy warm spring will either make it possible to get into semi-good riding shape before November or I will become totally burned out on riding by Memorial Day.

Relieved to have made it to Belleville and that we brought Clif Shots!